Nudes and Erotic Fantasy
by Leslie Page

Artists (East or West; ancient or modern) have forever investigated human sexuality, interpreting the subject in million ways. In this world of the erotic, the human and the divine overlap in mystery.... perfect grist for the creative mill.

Some artists see the human body in a sublimely detached and classical way, perfection and beauty seems the principle thought. Others choose the voyeurs point of view and attempt semi hidden observation of sexually charged moments. Others become more emotionally involved and sometimes even transcendentally involved. For some, realistically capturing a moment of sexual intimacy is everything. Others take a symbolic or even an abstract approach. The subject is vast indeed, and controversial. With the ever deepening content connected to human sexuality, is it any wonder artists have forever embraced the subject.

Gilchrist is no exception. The classical nude, and various planes of erotic imagery have remained major themes of Gilchrist's adult work. His creative experimentation of this subject has proven rangy but Gilchrist always remains the sensitive designer of beautiful images.

We consider some of the subject matter held within this "Mystery Models" section of "Gilchrist Photographic Collectibles" to be inappropriate for immature and/or under aged viewers. If you are under eighteen years of age or if you are offended by nudity or erotic imagery, Go back and enjoy the rest of our site.

Reclining Nude #31 . . . by Charles Gilchrist

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