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During the early years of Gilchrist's photographic career (1968 thru 1976) he photographed race cars professionally, working mostly in Ohio (Thompson Drag Raceway, Dragway 42, Norwalk, Quaker City, Lorain County Speedway, Sandusky Speedway, Cloverleaf Speedway, Etc.). During this period he made many thousands of black & white negatives which are still in perfect condition. These images are of famous and not so famous racing personalities, drag racing cars, sprint cars, late models, flat track bikes, hill climbers, and all kinds of off-roaders. Charles was published constantly and won several awards for this work but moved on to become a commercial studio and Fashion/Beauty Photographer.

And now (over 35 years later) we are presenting these terrific racing collectibles to the world. This site will be constantly updated as there are numerous outstanding racing related images in the Gilchrist negative files. It is a small piece of Drag Racing history. If you feel you have additional information regarding any of the cars, drivers, teams, etc., please email us and we will add your contribution to these histories.

These racing galleries where revised on February 22, 2006 and now include 256 images! We need your support to keep this site alive. Please Buy Some Prints!

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Galleries Below

AA/FA: Wild Willie Borsch - Loose Burnout
AA/FA: "Magnificent 7" - Loose Burnout
AA/FA: "Pure Heaven 3" - Launch
AA/FA: The "Rat Trap" - Killer Burnout

A complete list of AA/FA cars can be found at the bottom of this page

The "T V" Tommy Ivo Gallery
Front Engine Top Fuel: A Gallery
Don "The Snake" Prudomme Gallery
The "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Gallery

A complete list of T/F cars can be found at the bottom of this page

Coca Cola Funny Car Cavalcade Of Stars: A Gallery
The Ramchargers F/C Gallery
The Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney Gallery
The Jungle Jim Liberman F/C Gallery
More Funny Cars
A complete list of F/C cars can be found at the bottom of this page

The Fast Eddie Schartman Gallery
The Dick Landy Pro Stock Gallery
The Sox & Martin Pro Stock Gallery
The "Trick Stuff Engineering" Pro Stock Gallery
The Bob Glidden Pro Stock Gallery
The "Akron Arlen" Vanke Pro Stock Gallery
The Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins Pro Stock Gallery

More Pro Stock

A complete list of P/S cars can be found at the bottom of this page

The Shirley Muldowney Gallery
The Linda Vaughn Gallery
The "Jungle Pam" Hardy Gallery
The "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Gallery
The TV Tommy Ivo Gallery
Don "The Snake" Prudomme Gallery
#261: 1973 TF: Steve Carbone - Race Face
The Ohio George Montgomery AA/GS Gallery
The Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins Pro Stock Gallery
The Dyno Don Nicholson Pro Stock Gallery
#287. Art Arfons, King of Jets
#262: 1973 T/F: Cris "The Greek" Karamesines
The Dick Landy Pro Stock Gallery
#263: 1973 Top Fuel: Kansas John Wiebe
Maverick and The Little Red Wagon

A complete list of personalities can be found at the bottom of this page

#149: 1967: Wild Bill Shrewsberry's "L. A. Dart."
#115: 1968: Maverick's "Little Red Wagon"
#138: 1968: Bob Riggle's "Hurst Hemi Under Glass"
#136: 1980: "Mexican Jump-N-Bean"

A complete list of Wheelstanders can be found at the bottom of this page

#315: 1969 TW: Unknown V8 Bike
#134: 1971 TW: Nitro Two Wheeler: Twin Triumphs
#338: 1998 TW: TFH: Twin Harley Davidsons - At Speed
#316: 2002 TW: Quasi Moto: V8 Bike

Look for a wild new Hill Climbing Gallery – coming soon!

1970's Motorcycle Drag Racing On An Angle:

A definition of Hill Climbing: Motorcycle Drag Racing up a steep and bumpy dirt hill . . . the quickest man to the top (and still alive) wins.

A complete list of Two Wheelers can be found at the bottom of this page

The Ohio George Montgomery AA/GS Gallery
The Hart Automotive Gallery: AA/GS Plus
The Stone Woods & Cook Gallery
More AA/GS: Jr. Thompson's Blown Opel - Launch
More AA/GS: K. S. "Tiger" Pittman's Austin - Launch
More AA/GS: Jeg Coughlin's Blown Austin (O-HEMI-AN)

A complete list of AA/GS cars can be found at the bottom of this page

Gilchrist Returns To Thompson

The Gasser Reunion 2002 Gallery

For three days in June 2002, numerous Gasser nuts from around the country, including big name Gasser racers, grass roots Gasser racers, hard-core Gasser fans, and even some brand-new Gasser fans returned to Ohio's Thompson Drag Raceway to celebrate those days when Gassers were king. Viva Gassers!

And so, appropriately, Gilchrist also returned to his home track to join the celebration and to once more put his photographic eye on Gassers. This gallery features the best of this new black and white work. Check it out Gilchrist fans, he's better than ever!

Street A/Gasser

C/G Russo and Santo

AA/GS "Hellasious"

A/G Speedy 2 - Willys

This relatively new section of Gilchrist Photographic Collectables, is dedicated to all the weekend warriors who are, and always have been, the very heart and soul of hot rodding; the so called "Little Guys." It features several galleries with Gassers, Altereds, Dragsters, Hot Rods and Street Rods. Love makes the wheels go round. Click on the image or titles.

Grass Roots Hot Rodding

A complete list of grass roots racers can be found at the bottom of this page

Check out our new Gallery located in the miscellaneous section of Gilchrist Photographic Collectibles. The Gallery holds images of Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Prints (with more to come). They are all beautifully designed and are inspired by various cool automotive machines. Gilchrist is a real "Piston Head." Enjoy!

The Automotive Gallery

#906: Custom: "Cruise Texture #13" - 8" x 10" Fine Arts S G Print
#902: "Vintage Racer" - 11" x 14" Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Print
#909: Hot Rod Cruise Texture: "Flames" - 8' x 10' Fine Arts S G Print
#910: "Chevy Shade" - 8' x 10' Fine Arts S G Print
#911: "Wing" - 8' x 10' Fine Arts S G Print

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