San Francisco, California

San Francisco lovers: This intriguing abstract piece is an 11 inch by 14 inch Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Print on Ilford double weight paper. It was captured in 1995 and is entitled "San Francisco Texture #6." This hand crafted image is printed, titled and signed by the artist. The full frame 35 mm image measures approximately 12.75 inches by 8.5 inches.

#407. "San Francisco Texture #6," - 11" x 14" Silver Gelatin Print

The subtle richness of this Gilchrist composition can't be appreciated by viewing this low resolution Net image. It is extremely rich in both highlight and shadow detail.

This very collectible photograph is one of a series of San Francisco pieces captured in 1995 by pro photographer Charles Gilchrist In 1995, while visiting San Francisco, Gilchrist made a number of very beautifully designed abstract images of the city using architectural reflections and double exposures. This piece is part of an ongoing series of abstract photographs entitled "City Textures." The series is continually evolving, spanning twenty plus years.

Factory Outlet Pricing: We are offering this 11 in. by 14 in. Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Print at $54.95. This is the low wholesale.... Dealer's Price. Galleries selling Gilchrist Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Prints On Paper have raised this prices by as much as 400%. See (About Silver Prints) (Order From)

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