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These images picture various drag race cars with the Trick Stuff Engineering touch.

These low resolution images don't do the prints justice. Each 8" by 10" RC Silver Print, hand crafted and signed by the artist, is very reasonably priced at $29.95 plus $5.00 I/S/H. Ordering more than one print equals discounts.

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#313: 1970 P/S: Ian Landies: "Valario & Hutter" Camaro

This car is one of a long line of wicked quick TSE Chevys. It's the famous lime green Camaro owned by "Iron Mike" Valario and Ron Hutter. It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway on August 26, 1970. This low resolution Net image doesn't do the print justice (very sharp). The match race of the evening featured a whole slew of top quality Pro Stock Cars including Dyno Don Nicholson.

Here we see the supper light Camaro launching on its first pass through the powdered rosin, wheels just off the ground. Notice the extreme tire distortion. This grass roots team was a constant threat to the factory teams. Iron Mike Valario owned (among other things) a large acid dipping tank and constructed the car. Ron Hutter built the killer Rat engines. Hut continues to build legendary power plants and is currently famous for his winning NASCAR engines.

#313. Detail: Ian Landies 1970

The young (only 20) driver Ian Landies, can be clearly seen through the drivers window. At that point in Drag Racing history, this Pro Stock Camaro was the NHRA national record holder and consistently ran times in the 9.80's. It was the quickest car in the field.

Special News: In late August, 2000, the 50 year old Ian Gregory Landies was killed driving his NHRA National record holding A/Street Roadster. Condolences to the family. We have lost an outstanding, long time member of the Drag Racing fraternity.

#225: 1971 P/S Engine Builders: Grumpy and Hut

This is an image picturing two great engine builders. The infamous Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins is seen conferring with the up and coming engine builder and Pro Stock driver, Ron "Hut" Hutter. It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway on June 12, 1971. Here we see the famous engine builders totally focused on one of Ron's big block Chevy pistons. Grumpy was reading the combustion deposit patterns for Hut, and probably said something like, "Ah so Grasshopper, I see a tall and racy woman coming into your life." A third party is holding the flash light but we cant identify him. Also, notice how high the wrist pin is located in the piston . . . very trick for 1971. Both men continue to build legendary racing engines.

#265: 1971 P/S:
Ian Landies Burnout: The H.C.N.V. Camaro

This awesome burnout was was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on May 9, 1971. Hear we see "Ian" driving the original orange "Canned Heat," one of the first nine second Pro Stock Camaros in the country. This four man team (Hutter, Carver, Novak and Valerio) was loaded with talent.

#266: 1972 PS: Ron Hutter Wheelstand: Caned Heat

Here's another acid dipped TSE Camaro from 1972, driven by Ron Hutter. This is the second orange "Canned Heat." Thompson crowd loved this winning car. Notice the extreme tire distortion: This beautiful Camaro made a serious footprint.

#266. Detail

#267: 1973 PS: Forrest and Horne Vega: Wheelstand

This image was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on May 12, 1973. In the early 1970's the great lakes region produced a large number of nationally competitive Pro Stock teams. By 1973, most of the Chevy guys had switched from the Camaro to the lighter and smaller Vegas. Here's the "Forrest and Horne" version, a solid nine second door slammer carrying the "Trick Stuff Engineering" logo on the rear fender. At that point in Drag Racing history (1973) Pro Stock cars were running in the mid nines and approaching 160 M.P.H.

A List Of TSE Prints
#313: 1970 P/S: Ian Landies: "Valario & Hutter" Camaro
#225: 1971 P/S Engine Builders: Grumpy And Hut
#265: 1971 P/S: Ron Hutter Burnout: The H.C.N.V. Camaro
#266: 1972 PS: Ron Hutter Wheelstand: Caned Heat
#267: 1973 PS: Forrest and Horne Vega: Wheelstand

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