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The Gasser Reunion 2002 Race Action Gallery

For three days in June 2002, numerous Gasser nuts from around the country, including big name Gasser racers, grass roots Gasser racers, hard-core Gasser fans, and even some brand-new Gasser fans, returned to Thompson Drag Raceway to celebrate those days when Gassers were king. This outstanding event took place mainly through the efforts of Enest and Ken Mcintyre of Gasser Magazine. Viva Gassers!

And so, appropriately, Gilchrist also returned to his home track to join the celebration and to once more turn his photographic eye on Gassers. This gallery will feature the best of this new black and white work. We think You'll agree, Gilchrist is better than ever!

Gilchrist created about 100 professional level images from this reunion. Here are the first few with more to come. These Net images were scanned from the original negatives. Genuine Gilchrist Silver Prints would me much sharper, with a fuller range of tones and detail.

List of prints in the Gasser Reunion 2002 Race Action Gallery

Please email us with more information about these racers and we will add it to these histories.



#5670114: 1967 - B/A "Malfunction"

#6020322: Flip Top Street Machine

This is a hot rod which began its modified life in the 60's as a B/A (see top image captured in May, 1967 at Thompson). That's when you could go drag racing for very little money.

Now (over 30 years later) it has become a kind of a Blown Gasser/Funny/Altered and a totally unique street machine called "Whoop Ass," which cruises Ohio roads on a regular basis. Notice the mufflers, radiator, street tires, and license plate.

This street legal single seat flip top Anglia Sedan is powered by a blown Rat making enough horse power (in this little car) to scare anyone silly. Notice the lettering on the back fender, "Don't make me open this." This thing is very far out . . . funny, exciting, and cool!

All our notes on this event were lost. Please send us more information.


#6020231: C/Gas: Russo and Santo - Burnout

John Olcott and his father (Jack) recently restored the Russo and Santo C/G Willys sedan, which held the NHRA National C/G records in 1967 and 68 at 11.08. The record was set in may, 1967 at Madison Twp, NJ (now Englishtown). It was also the first legal C/Gasser to run in the 10's (10.91), doing so at Connecticut Dragway in 1967.

The Willys sedan made an exceptional C Gasser, as much of the additional weight was on the rear wheels, of course creating great traction. Here we see a beautiful image of this historically important Gasser as it heats the tires, smoke and metal crisply modeled in late afternoon light. John has already run 11.14 and is looking for the 10's.


#6020103: AA/GS: Hill Bros "Red Baron" - Wheelstand

In 1967, Joe Hrudka (Mr. Gasket) sponsored The Hill Bros. "Red Baron," a 33 Willys AA/GS coupe (Blown 426 Hemi). Chuck Finders, put his magic touches on the Gasser and Pete and Bill Hill went match racing with the big dogs. And so the legend began. The monster was a crown favorite wherever it raced, which was everywhere. In 1968 the car was billed as the "World's Fastest Willys," and then was sold in 1969.

Time passed more slowly as the retired Gasser rested in a barn for almost 30 years. Then in 2000, Ken "The Wild Man" Kull and his father, bought and restored the killer to its 1967 specs. And Ken really puts his foot in it! Way to Go, Ken, Dad, and friends!


#6020825: B/G: #384 - At High Speed

Here is another one of Gilchrist's classic high speed pan shots, car sharp, background blurred (a great feeling of speed). It's Pete Gustaitis' very pretty and classic street rod in the form of a B Gasser. What a perfect 1950's stance, high with a little rake.

This 1940 Willys is all steel (except the hood) and runs the ever popular Chevy small block 350. It's bored .060 over with 1965 fuelie heads, and a Barry Grant worked Holley carb. Pete's best time to date was at the reunion - 12.40: Very respectable for such a drivable street machine and Pet tells us it will soon be making passes in the 11's.


#6020216: AA/G Anglia "Hellasious" - Burnout

From Detroit: "Hellasious Bob" Sarkisian drives this relatively new and very entertaining AA/GS Anglia built by the famous Chuck Finders. Very retro!

More information needed.


#6020403: AA/GS Sun Painting - Brurnout

This sensational, very yellow and very rare 38 Willys Overland pickup was a crowd favorite at the Gasser reunion 2002. It's owned by Baree Wainwright from Mays, Indiana and is powered by a very strong 468 CI big block chevy. The craftsmanship is top notch and this truck hauls.

More information needed..... Low ET's and top speeds please!


#6020309: S/P: Black and Blown - Burnout

This is a very quick and fast Pro Gas type coupe (S/P #352) sporting a genuine retro look, and powered by a large displacement small block Chevy wearing a huge blower; impressive performance. It's a choped, black, blown, and a bad nasty three window.

More information needed..... Low ET's and top speeds please!


#6020407: A/G: "Speedy 2" 33 Willys

"Speedy Bob" Nevins, from Tucson, AZ, towed his 52 foot trailer all the way to Thompson, Ohio for the Gasser Reunion 2002, and he asked drag racing legend "Bones" Balogh to drive this very potent A Gasser. It's powered by a fuel injected, 400cid small block Chevy.

Bones jumped in and entertained the fans with numerous wild and slightly sideways trips down the quarter mile. Bones is still a great shoe, driving this car very close to its quickest times!

More information needed.



#6020404: Pro Gas: "Speedy" - 40 Willys

#6020927: Pro Gas: "Speedy," At Speed

Here's another "Speedy Bob" Nevins owmed Gasser which marks the evolution of the species. It is a state of the art 40 Willys Pro Gasser comptete with a huge wing and gigantic slicks. Most of the developmental changes are internal; chassis, tires, engine, drivetrain, safty, etc., but the look of these Pro Gassers is also quite different. This modern versions has its modified body slamed to the ground. Notice the air dam molded into the front end, and the rear fenders raised and molded to fit around the massive slicks.

Unlike it's historical brithers, this car didn't do anything overly spooky. It just made large hourspower and charged straight of the line as if shot from a huge rubberband. This bad boy consistently ran its 8.40 dial with realative ease. Wow.... very strong!

More information needed.


#6020815: Street A/Gasser - Wheelstsnd

This is s beautiful and streetable 1940 A/G Willys dialed in at 9.40: a great ride in anyone's book.

More information needed; owner, history, engine specs, etc.


#6020930: B/G Winner at speed

This is the B/Gas winner from The Thompson Gasser Reunion 2002, dialed in at a comfortable and very respectable 10.28. The hottest B Gassers of the 70's ran in the nines and this one is definitely a 60's vintage: notice the very long ladder bars.

The owner-driver Don Benedict of Mingo Jct., Ohio, calls his 42 Willys sedan an "Old Heap," but we think it's cool .... quick and consistent, and very retro! Here we see this fat fender Gasser, still pulling as it approaches the speed trap at well over 100 mph. This is another of those patented pan shots by Gilchrist; car sharp, wheels and background very blurry.

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