Cape Cod, Mass:

Attention lovers of Old Cape Cod: This offering is a very collectible and decorative 11 inch by 14 inch Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Print entitled "Truro Beach." This beautiful image measures approx. 8.50 inches by 12.75 inches and is signed and printed by the artist on double weight Ilford paper. This dramatic composition is classic "Gilchrist," and was created on the Atlantic side of Cape Cod, in winter twilight, 1970. This low resolution Net image can't do this print justice (extremely subtle with beautiful rich tones).

#417. Cape Cod, Mass. "Truro Beach," - 11" x 14" Silver Gelatin Print

We ask the artist about this image and Charles said, "It has the look of a double exposure but it's actually a "Sandwich." That's two negatives positioned on top of each other and printed as one. I shot both negatives on the same roll and put them together later. The light was beautiful. I like the way the foaming surf wraps around the light house. It's romantic. Sometimes two negatives are better than one."

Factory Outlet Pricing: We are offering this 11 in. by 14 in. Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Print at $54.95. This is the low wholesale.... Dealer's Price. Galleries selling Gilchrist Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Prints On Paper have raised this prices by as much as 400%. See (About Silver Prints) (Order From)

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