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In the 1970's, 80's, and 90's, the Turkish born Ates Altiok, thrilled audiences across the eastern half of the USA, working in New York City, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit, etc. Her performances were unforgettable, both athletically and artistically.

These very collectible offerings are 8 inch by 10 inch Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Prints on double weight Ilford Paper picturing one of the most sensational belly dancers of all time, Ates Altiok.

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#615. "Ates, Live at The Wild Turk"

This dramatic image was captured live at the dancers infamous Cleveland night club, "The Wild Turk".

#613. "Arms Up," Fabulous Turkish Belly Dancer: "Ates Altiok"

This wonderfully composed full frame 35 mm image was captured in 1986 during an extremely aerobic work out in the artists studio. Yes, that's real sweat.

#617. "Ates," In Her Studio

This beautiful image was captured during a work out in the dancer's Cleveland studio.

#618. "Ates, Live In Washington D.C."

This live image was captured while the dancer was performing in a Washington D.C. club.

We are offering these 8 in. by 10 in. Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Print for the low price of $34.95 each plus $6.00 insurance, Shipping and handling. This is the low wholesale or dealer's price. Galleries selling Gilchrist Fine Arts Silver Gelatin Prints have raised their price by as much as 400%. We will insure and ship this print (flat secure package) anywhere in the continental USA or Canada for $6.00. Buyers off shore pay additional shipping and insurance charges. Cashiers check or money order drawn on a US bank in US dollars only. See (Order From) and email us with additional questions. Thanks for your patronage!

#615. "Ates, Live at The Wild Turk"
#613. "Arms Up," Fabulous Turkish Belly Dancer: "Ates Altiok"
#617. "Ates," In Her Studio
#618. "Ates, Live In Washington D.C."

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