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The Ohio George Montgomery AA/GS Gallery

Attention Gasser lovers: The collectible drag racing images in this gallery picture the famous Ohio George Montgomery and some of his killer machines. Ohio George Montgomery dominated the AA gas supercharged class in the 50's and 60's, winning numerous National championships.

These low resolution images don't do the prints justice. Each 8" by 10" RC Silver Print, hand crafted and signed by the artist, is very reasonably priced at $29.95 plus $5.00 I/S/H. Ordering more than one print equals discounts.

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#226: 1967: Ohio George Montgomery vs Jr.Thompson

This is one of Gilchrist's first Professional Drag Racing images. It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway in May, 1967. Here we see The famous Malco Gasser in a dead heat with Jr.'s Austin. These vintage Gasseres were extremely popular in the 1960's and always put on a great show.

#153: 1968: Ohio George Montgomery vs. Stone Woods & Cooke

Here we see a 1968 AA/GS race between George's Mustang and the famous, Stone Woods and Cooke Mustang, captured at the annual spring Thompson Gasser match race.

#126: 1968 AA/GS DR Personality: "Ohio George" With Cammer

Here we see soft spoken George in his famous hat, checking out the very unusual blown SOHC 427 Ford engine. He was and is a mechanical genus, coming up with numerous AA/GS innovations. He eventually switched this engine to a Blown Boss 429 and then in 1973, Turbocharged it and put it in the Red Mustang. Ohio George is a Drag Racing Icon and is still building killer engines.

#133: 1971 AA/GS: Ohio George's Blue Mustang - Launch

In May 16 1971, four of these great Gassers match raced at Thompson . . . (Ohio George Montgomery) (Jr. Thompson) (Stone, Woods and Cook) and (K. S. Tiger Pittman). Here we see George rippling the slicks and lifting the left front wheel on another strong pass. On this Sunday, George showed up at Thompson with a new super sanitary fiberglass front end on the Mustang, freshly painted in his famous "Montgomery Blue" but unlettered. Notice the missing letters on the "Malco Gasser" logo. This car was almost unbeatable, usually driving by his competitors on the top end. We love Blown Gassers!

#150: 1972 AA/GS: Ohio George's Red Mustang - Launch

This image was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on May 7, 1972. This is the quickest and fastest Blown Gasser "Ohio" George ever created. The craftsmanship was incredible. The piece was a real work of art and historically important. It was painted a rich "Mr. Gasket" red and the technically superior dominator was powered by a extremely potent Ford Boss 429 which was twin turbo charged. The blowers were totally radical and trick. The huge round exhaust pipes exited above and in front of the front wheels and the thing sounded very strange. Even though the left front wheel is well of the ground, the car didn't leave the line quite as hard as some of the more conventional Gassers but as those turbos wound up, WOW, George had everybody covered. This car was the center of a huge controversy about the direction of NHRA Drag Racing. To Turbo, or not to Turbo, that was the question of the time (1972).

List Of prints In The Ohio George Montgomery AA/GS Gallery

#226: 1967 AA/GS: Ohio George Montgomery versus Jr.Thompson
#153: 1968 AA/GS: Ohio George vs. Stone Woods & Cooke
#126: 1968 AA/GS DR Personality: "Ohio George" With Cammer
#133: 1971 AAGS: Ohio George Montgomery's Blue Mustang - Launch
#150: 1972 AA/GS: Ohio George Montgomery's Red Mustang - Launch

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