Drag Racing: More Blown Gassers:

Gasser Fans: This gallery holds images of various Blown Gassers (AA/GS) of the late 1960's and early 1970's.

These low resolution images don't do the prints justice. Each 8" by 10" RC Silver Print, hand crafted and signed by the artist, is very reasonably priced at $29.95 plus $5.00 I/S/H. Ordering more than one print equals discounts.

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This collectible drag racing image pictures Jeg Coughlin's wicked little Austin as it ripples the slicks on another hard launch. It was captured at Dragway 42 (West Salem, Ohio) in 1968.

#122. 1968: AA/GS: Jeg Coughlin's Blown Austin (O-HEMI-AN)

All Out Blown Gassers were tremendously popular in the 50's, 60's, and early 70's and throughout the years, these hot rods were identified by different names (AA/G, A/GS, and AA/GS).

This awesome blown Gasser (O-HEMI-AN) was an early car in a long line of Jeg Coughlin racers. No down force tricks here, just a whole lot of horsepower in a little steel car. Notice the hand formed grill spelling "JEG." At that time, Jeg Coughlin owned and operated a relatively small company called "Jeg's Automotive," which has become one of the largest suppliers of specialized automotive parts in the world. The huge racing family is still deeply involved in big time drag racing.

#143: 1969 AA/GS: K. S. "Tiger" Pittman's Austin - Launch

This collectible drag racing image pictures K. S. Tiger Pittman's little AA/GS Austin, powered by a Blown Chrysler Hemi. This image is very sharp and dramatic, and this low resolution Net image can't do it justice. It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on May 27, 1969.

At that point in Drag Racing history, AA/GS cars were just starting to use aerodynamic tricks, notice the flat air dam at the front of the Austin. The car was very squirrely that day but Tiger drove through it and the crowd went nuts!

#123: 1969 AA/GS: Jr. Thompson's Blown Opel - Launch

Here's an image of JR Thompson's AA/GS Opel lifting the left front wheel as it charges off the line. It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on May 27, 1969.

1n 1969, four Big Dog Gassers match raced at Thompson.... (Ohio George Montgomery) (Jr. Thompson with Big John Mazmanian) (Stone, Woods and Bones) and (K. S. Tiger Pittman). Jr. Thompson was a major national player in the AA/GS wars of the era.

This photograph illustrates a classic AA/GS launch of the period, down on the slicks, left front wheel in the air. The names on the door read, "Jr.Thompson and Big John Mazmanian." This car was particularly loud and crisp sounding. The team was obviously trying to knock off Ohio George and the engine (Chrysler Hemi) was on the edge. At that point, AA/GS cars were running in the mid sevens and approaching 170MPH. The crowds went nuts! We love Blown Gassers to!

Here we see the infamous Kirk & Ruffle "Rod Shop Super Gasser," approaching half track, at speed and still rippling the slicks, thundering with serious horsepower. This was a state of the art, high tech AA/GS of the day, taking full advantage of all the NHRA Gasser Class rules, a little longer wheelbase, modern aerodynamics, and a big sponsorship from The Rod Shop. The "All Out" blown Hemi also helped. This thing made big numbers.

This negative was captured at the September, 1970 NHRA Summer Nationals at Indianapolis, Indiana. This beautiful print is classic Gilchrist, perfectly paned with a great feeling of speed (car sharp, wheels and background slightly blurred).

#154: 1971 A/GS: Jr. Thompson vs K.S. Tiger Pittman - Twin Opels

This image was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on May 16, 1971. The traditional bodies of the 50's and 60's blown Gassers (Willys, Austins, Etc.) were no longer competitive and the racers were experimenting with newer, more aerodynamic shapes. Here we see the twin Opels of Thompson and Pittman approaching half track, dead even as they streak past the fans. Notice Pittman still carrying the left front wheel. At that time, the AA/GS cars were running in the low eights at over 170 M.P.H. It was a terrific show. There was nothing like those short wheel base Blown Gassers!

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