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The Hart Automotive Gallery - AA/GS - Plus

Hart Gasser Fans: This gallery holds images of Blown Gassers plus other race cars with the Micky Heart Touch.

These low resolution images don't do the prints justice. Each 8" by 10" RC Silver Print, hand crafted and signed by the artist, is very reasonably priced at $29.95 plus $5.00 I/S/H. Ordering more than one print equals discounts.

Scroll down for historical details and click on the images for enlargements.


#112: 1969 AA/G: Hart Automotive: Black Willys - Launch
#113: 1969 AA/GS: Hart Automotive: Black Willys - At Speed

The first two collectible drag racing images are 8 inch by 10 inch RC Silver Prints picturing Mickey Hart's awesome AA/GS 33 Willys. They were captured at Dragway 42, (Ohio) on August 10, 1969. Click on the images or titles for enlargements.

Ohio George Montgomery made this body style (1933 Willys) famous. Mickey's Gasser (powered by a potent Blown Hemi) was tremendously popular throughout the Great Lakes area in the late 60's & early 70's . . . a real crowd pleaser. This first image shows the nasty black A/GS launching hard, down in the slicks and twisting the left front wheel off the ground.

The second image shows the black gasser on the big end, thundering to the finish line, rear tires puffed up, throttle wide open and approaching 170 MPH. Notice the little plexiglass wings attached to the trunk and rear fenders. Mickey Hart was one of the first gasser owners to use this "Down Force Trick." Wild Bill Levic (the great drag shoe) drove this car for Mickey but unfortunately, lost his life driving another Blown Gasser a few years later.

Here's Big Wilson's "Hart-N-Soul" AA/GS Austin as it ripples the slicks on another hard launch. Charles captured this image on May 21, 1971 at Norwalk , Ohio. This was a Friday night AA/GS match race featuring "Micky's Mob," a hole bunch of nasty blown Gassers with the Micky Hart touch. This is an excellent image of the dark brown "Hart-N-Soul" Austin, very sharp with a great feeling of speed. No down force tricks here, just a whole lot of grunt in a little steel car.

#248. 1972 AA/GS: Hart Automotive: White Willys
#297. 1971 AA/GS: Hart Automotive Willys - Burnout

These two photographs, picture Mickey Hart's awesome AA/GS 33 Willys "Pure Determination," driven by "Wild Bill" Levic. This was the updated version of Micky's famous black 33 Willys sporting a stiffer chassis, more horse power, and a white paint job. Notice the rainbow graphics on the fenders.... very 70's.

The first was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on April 23, 1972. This image (great angle) shows the nasty AA/GS launching hard and a little loose, front wheels hanging in the air.... a perennial crowd favorite. This low resolution Net image can't do the print justice (extremely sharp).

The second was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on August 7, 1971. That's Micky on the left, digging the burnout. The back light accentuates the billowing tire smoke, another great Gilchrist Photograph

Here's an early Mickey Hart inspired Gasser from 1968, the Dee Cee Automotive B/GS, a 1939 Chevy, powered by a blown Rat. This was not the most aerodynamic drag car ever created, but ran like a freight train on the top end. The image was captured at Dragway 42, 1968. This low resolution Net image can't do the print justice (extremely sharp).
This image was captured on August 1, 1970 at Thompson Drag Raceway. Here we see a beautiful wheel stand, the Hart Automotive roadster pickup just touching the wheelie bars and launching hard. Ken Mott (a major member of Micky's Mob) owned and drove this roadster (a crowd favorite). This roadster was built Gasser style all the way, and just happened to be a roadster. In fact, it was converted into the Hart Automotive A/GS Vega later that same year, winter 1970-71 (see images below). The power plant? Normally it was a very healthy blown big block Chevy, but in this case it was a blown small block Chevy. The owner of that engine (Dick Malone) was also the driver in this image.

The first image was captured about 10 months later on May 16, 1971 at Thompson Drag Raceway; the second on August 7, 1971. As everyone knows, aerodynamic realities forced the Gasser guys to search for smother body shapes. In reaction to that writing on the wall, Ken Mott and the guys at Hart Automotive converted his 1960's style AA/SR (see above image) into a 1970's style AA/GS Vega, still powered by the same (but updated) Rat Motor. The body (a one piece fiberglass unit) flipped up like a Funny Car but the driver door also opened ala Gasser. This car, like all the Hart cars, was very quick, entertaining, and consistent . . . another crowd favorite.

Note: Ken Mott now works for Al Hanna as a crew member on two of his jet cars.

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