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This first collectible drag racing image pictures an unknown mad man charging off the starting line straddling his V8 powered motorcycle. The bike is already trying to slide out from under him as he makes the correction with body english. This image was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway,Thompson, Ohio on September 6, 1969. The print is extremely sharp.

This awesome bike was powered by a wicked, fuel injected, small block Ford, one of the most over powered vehicles ever created. When this guy dumped the clutch, the rear tire would boil the entire quarter mile and the bike would make incredible snaking passes in about 10 seconds at over 150 mph. The huge rear slick would only last a few runs. In this image we can clearly see the riders eyes . . . the picture of total concentration (see detail below). He really was a "Mad Man". . . not even a pair of gloves.

#315. 1969: Unknown V8 Bike (Detail - Eyes).

If anybody out there knows more details about this two wheeled vehicle and the team behind it, please let us know and we will add the info to this Drag Racing history.

Yes, we know, this Unknown Bike in looks very much like E. J. Potter's Bike except it is powered by a small block Ford (the distributor is located at the front of the block). All of E. J. Potter's V8 Bikes were powered by small block Chevrolets (distributor located at the back of the block).

#134: 1971 TW: Nitro Two Wheeler: Twin Triumphs

Here's one picturing a twin triumph engined Top Fuel Bike, boiling the tire with gobs of horsepower. It was captured at Thompson Drag Raceway (Thompson, Ohio) on September 25, 1971. This low resolution Net image doesn't do the print justice (extremely sharp).

The special attraction of the evening featured a awesome group of Nitro burning Drag Bikes, mostly Harley Davidson powered. This unusual and very trick bike was powered by two, twin cylinder Triumphs. Notice the flat, brushed aluminum plates connecting the engines and the frame. Also notice the special fuel tank which is also part of the frame.

We don't have much information about this team but the riders first name is "Sonny," and it's a great image. If anyone has more details about this team, E-mail us and we'll add it to this description.

#338: 1998 TW: TFH: Twin Harley Davidsons - At Speed

Print #338: Detail

Here’s an exciting image of a TFH motorcycle at speed. It is powered by TWO highly modified Harley Davidson engines on Fuel. The philosophy: If one HD engine is good, then two must be a lot better. The negative was captured at Norwalk Raceway Park in 1998. Notice how much the rider has to stretch for the trick handle bars. Unfortunately all the artists notes on this race are missing from our files. However, “TFH 628” appears on the rear fender which means the team was probably connected to the early stages of the IHRA’s Top Fuel Harley class. If anyone knows anything about this team, please let us know and we will add the information to our library. Thanks!

Billy sends us this note: "There was a guy named Marion Owens that raced a double motor shovelhead fuel bike like this awhile back and the second picture looks like the name on the side of his jacket starts with an OW, im pretty sure thats who it is but could be wrong." Thanks!

We know this one is not as vintage as some of our Drag Racing images but it’s way cool with a fantastic feeling of speed (the spokes in the front wheel have all but disappeared). We asked the artist about this image: “It was late in the day and getting very dark . . . just a little sky light. I was testing the limits of my abilities to fast pan a long telephoto lens at relatively slow shutter speeds. My 300 mm nikon lens was attached to a hand made aluminum gun stock, and one of my Nikon cameras was attached to the lens. The whole thing was very rigged. The lens was pre focused, set wide open (f 4.5) and the film was Tri X rated at 1600 ISO. The shutter speeds ranged from a 30th of a second to 125th of a second. Most of the negatives were unprintable but this one really works. I love the print . . . very graphic.”

#316: 2002 TW: Quasi Moto: V8 Bike

Here we see Quasi Moto, another exotic V8 powered two wheeler, boiling the tire on a spooky exhibition pass. This image is a relatively new Gilchrist, but we thought it belonged with this group of wild and classic drag racing bikes. It was taken at the 2002 Gasser Reunion, at Thompson.

Notice some of the interesting aspects of this wild vehicle. It is powered by a blown Chevy small block which makes way more than enough horse power and noise. The sound of this thing is particularly strange, with the front four cylinders exiting headers on the left, and the back four cylinders out headers on the right. And check out position of the rider, his face directly over the blower. The engine drives a jack-shaft/clutch combination on the right, which exits on the left and drives a large chain to the huge rear wheel. In this position, the engine torque helps keep the front wheel on the ground (a very good thing).

We are looking for more details about this team.

#315: 1969 TW: Unknown V8 Bike.
#134: 1971 TW: Nitro Two Wheeler: Twin Triumphs
#338: 1998 TW: TFH: Twin Harley Davidsons - At Speed
#316: 2002 TW: Quasi Moto: V8 Bike

Each 8 inch by 10 inch RC silver print, hand crafted by the artist, is very reasonably priced at $29.95 plus $5.00 I/S/H. Ordering more than one print equals discounts (About Silver Prints).

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